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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Ryan Smedley, OD

Broomfield Optometrist

Dr. Smedley graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Zoology Human Biology Emphasis. He then continued his education earning his doctorate degree in Visual Science from the Illinois College of Optometry. After completing Optometry school he and his wife, Paige, decided to return to the front range. Dr. Smedley has now been serving the eye care needs of the prople of Broomfield and Westminster, Colorado since 2004.

Dr. Eliza Falls, OD

Broomfield Optometrist

A California native, Dr. Eliza Falls earned her bachelor's degree in Biology from Seattle Pacific University before graduating with academic and clinic honors from Illinois College of Optometry located in Chicago. During her clinical education, Dr. Falls completed rotations in Pediatrics, Ocular Disease, and Low Vision specialties. She is an active member of the American and Colorado Optometric Associations.

Dr. Amanda Haney, OD

Broomfield Optometrist

Bio not yet submitted

Denver Optometrist

Optomap Retinal Imaging

Flatiron Vision is proud to offer an alternative for patients who don't want the dilation procedure done during the exam. This advanced technology allows the doctor to do a comprehensive eye health exam by simply taking a 200 degree picture of the inside of teh eyes. This will light up all the structures and is something the doctors will go over with you during your exam. This procedure is faster than dilation and leaves the patient with no side-effects; it's like you're getting a picture taken at night with a bright flash*.

Optos Smart Charts

During your refraction you will notice we use smart charts while testing your vision. These tests allow us to get precise visual acuities and will provide more test options than before to ensure your prescription and diagnosis are as accurate as possible.

OptoMap photos help in the detection of:


High Blood Pressure

Macular Degeneration

Diabetic Retinopathy

Retinal Detachments, Holes, or Puckers

Other diseases or disorders of the eye

*Most insurance plans do not cover retinal photos. Please check with your insurance before your appointment time if you would like to have the OptoMap procedure done during your exam.

Eye Exams

Flatiron Vision offers comprehensive exams and we do more for you than just check your prescription. During your visit, you will be asked which type of health check you would like done. The choices are dilation or the OptoMap Retinal Photos. (See "Advanced Technology" tab for details on the OptoMap Retinal Photos).

Reminder: The dilation procedure is the traditional health check done by way of eye drops. The drops will allow your pupils to open wide enough for the doctor to look inside and check the health of the eyes. This procedure will leave the patient with side effects of blurred vision and light sensitivity for about 4-6 hours.

Colorado Vision Exam

Glasses Prescription

This exam includes a routine health check done in form of dilation. You will receive a prescription for glasses based on your vision needs, which will also reflect what you and your doctor discuss during the exam

Contact Lens Exam

This exam includes yoru first pair of contact lenses, a bottle of solution, and any follow-up care you may need. You will receive a prescription for glasses based on your vision needs.

*Contact lens exams are listed as separarate copay on your insurance benefits

OptoMap Retinal Camera Exam

If you would like to replace the dilation procedure with our OptoMap Retinal Camera, let the front deck know before you start your exam.

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Eye Health

Eye Health

Here are some links to help you gain the knowledge necessary to ensure your eyes stay as health as possible.

How does vision work? Click Here

The right nutrition and diet can help your eyes. Click Here

Protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays Click Here

Why does your eye doctor need to check the health of your eyes? Click Here


Flatiron Vision is happy to accept many vision insurance plans. If you do not see your vision insurance plan listed below, please contact your insurance company to see if we are in your network.

Common Vision Plans We File:

EyeMed Vision Care

Includes Anthem BlueView plans

Includes some outsourced United HealthCare plans

Superior Vision Care

VSP (Vision Service Plan)

Aetna Vision Plans

Some United HealthCare plans

Great West

Rocky Mountain UFCW

Discount Plans We Acknowledge

EyeMed Discount Plans (including Delta Dental Discount

Aetna Discount Plans

AAA Discount

AARP Discount

It is the patient's responsibility to know his or her insurance plan and copays. We are happy to answer any questions about your insurance specifics

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